Conoscreen® is a worldwide patented microfilter, perfect for the maximum fibrous material recovery and the consequent reuse of the filtered waters. One of its main features is ensured by the Dynamic-Tangential Filtration: an advanced technology which is able to hold the particles that other machines would let through.

Conoscreen®'s technology ensures several advantages: the microfiltration of extremely small particles and the wastewaters overload reduction, unloading the work of the treatment plants.

Conoscreen® is also available in the semplified version, in order to contain the purchase costs, it holds the concept of perfection in all of its components: from the feeding chamber to the inlet ducts, from the automatic solids discharge to the automatic washing.


Always that extra bit.

100% Stainless steel

Total raw material recovery

Dynamic Tangential Filtration

Exceptional mechanisms

Simple to use


Industrial Sector

Tanning industry, paper mills industry, textile industry, wooden industry, petrochemical and plastic materials industry, food industry, zootecnic industry.

Civil Sector

Microfiltration at the beginning of the wastewater treatment plants, after coarse screenig systems.

Case history: Conoscreen®, advanced microfiltration


Low quality recycled paper application


Recycled paper application