Ultrascreen® Generation3 is the disk filter for wastewater tertiary treatment with no equal: for both the choice of the materials and its technology . A machine that revolutionizes the tertiary treatment and that allows the recovery and reuse of the outlet waters of the treatment plant .

One of Ultrascreen®'s most important features is ensured by the Dynamic Tangential Filtration®: an advanced technology which is able to hold the particles that other machines would let through.

Entirely built in stainless steel, installed above-ground or in concrete tank , Ultrascreen® Generation 3 is intuitively manufactured in order to simplify adjustments, settings and maintenance and it is easily combinable with existent plants because it is totally autonomous.


Always that extra bit.

100% Stainless steel

Easy maintenance

Dynamic Tangential

Simple manufacturing
and installation

Combinable with
existent plants


Civil and Industrial sector

Ultrascreen® treats and filters both civil and industrial wasterwaters.


Ultrascreen® is ideal for all those companies that breed and produce aquatic organisms.


Known and recognized excellence.

Patents are not only the ensurance to buy a unique product, but they are also the guarantee for the customers to choose a product which has passed all the authorization tests of the extremely strict environmental regulations before being marketed.

  • Title 22 Certification - State of California USA

  • U.S. Patent

  • Japanese Patent

  • Italian and European Patent

  • Canadian Patent