The CSA Screw Conveyor without shaft is perfect for the transportation of any screened material: not only is it totally closed in order to avoid leaking and bad odors, but it can also have an up to 30° inclination.

Composed of a shaft-less screw that rotates inside a tube-shaped “U” section trough with one or more feeding hoppers and one discharge chute, the CSA Screw Conveyor ensures excellent performances.

No internal shaft: it is therefore possible to convey also particularly dense materials. The trough bottom is wear resistant: it has indeed an HDPE or steel covering.

Besides the easily layout adaptable length, there is also the possibility to costumize the machine - it can either be by "pushing" or "pulling" - according to the plant arrangement.


Always that extra bit.

No clogging-up risk

Reduced maintenance


Low speed


Industrial Sector:

Zootechnical breeding concerns, paper mills, dairies and sugarhouses, food industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, tanning industry, food-preserving industry, textile industry, industrial laundry plants, slaughterhouses.

Civil Sector:

Civil wastewater treatment plants.