The FK Screening Screw is a screening system for the separation of the coarse solids from the wastewater and it is available in two different varieties: with or without compactor.

The FK Screening Screw, in its two versions, is the ideal machine when it is necessary to separate or compact the solids of municipal or various industrial wastewater.

The efficiency of a working process depends inevitably on the efficiency of every single component, and in this machine every construction detail is designed to ensure the best: from loading basket made of a perforated metal sheet or of Johnson mesh, to the convey tubular section with variable lenght, from the feeding section with compactor to the engine.


Always that extra bit.

In-channel installation

Self-cleaning system

Affordable costs and reduced maintenance

Remarkable solids reduction



Industrial Sector:

Zootechnical breeding concerns, paper mills, dairies and sugarhouses, food industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, tanning industry, food-preserving industry, textile industry, industrial laundry plants, slaughterhouses.

Civil Sector:

Civil wastewater treatment plants.