The CPS Screw Compactor without shaft is the compactor that can halve the screened material. The machine can be inclined up to 30° and is composed of a drainage section, a “U” trough and a compaction module.


The drainage section is usually located underneath, or right before the feeding hopper and the material is conveyed through the trough to the compaction module. A technologically perfect process that leads to real savings: to reduce the material volume means lower transportation and disposal costs.


Always that extra bit.

Separation between mechanical components and treated material

Anti-obstruction compaction area


Screened material washing

No bad odors


Industrial Sector:

Zootechnical breeding concerns, paper mills, dairies and sugarhouses, food industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, tanning industry, food-preserving industry, textile industry, industrial laundry plants, slaughterhouses.

Civil Sector:

Civil wastewater treatment plants.