News 2020 - Primescreen®, maximum efficiency in primary treatment


Since 1980, Nuove Energie has been pushing the boundaries of technology to provide unrivaled filtration efficiency via novel and robust filter designs.

We have now brought this mindset and years of accumulated knowledge to bear on municipal primary wastewater treatment.

We are excited to announce our latest innovation in filtration technology, Primescreen®.

Primescreen® utilizes Dynamic Tangential Filtration® to achieve removal efficiencies equivalent to the best performing primary clarifiers, but in fraction of the civil cost and footprint.
Others have tried to utilize drum and belt filters in lieu of primary clarifiers, but these systems require energy and maintenance intensive cleaning processes.

Primescreen® has solved these problems: the 316L stainless steel filtration media utilizes Dynamic Tangential Filtration®, maximizing flowrate and particulate removal while eliminating the need for frequent energy intensive backwashing.

The benefits of primary treatment have been well known for almost a century now.
By removing a large portion of the solids prior to biological treatment, process efficiency is gained in the downstream biological system, while also yielding higher quality sludge and increased digester performance. Primary clarifiers have been the traditional go to technology for achieving these results, but the basin space requirement, civil costs, and difficult to service submerged collection systems can often outweigh their benefits in plant design.

Even if you have an existing primary clarifier, Primescreen® can allow you to repurpose the existing basins for additional treatment, which can allow you to update your plant for biological nutrient removal or enhance your existing process within the existing footprint.